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The faculty of Economics, in its current state, is one of the faculties that belong to Misurata University. It is situated in the building (A) in the second ring road at the Ghooshy region of Misurata, and the building ( B ) behind the faculty of Medical Technology at the east entrance of Misurata.
The beginning of founding the faculty of Economics in Misurata was at the academic year 1992/1993, through opening a department of Economics in the faculty of Arts in Misurata. At the beginning of the academic year 1993/1994, the affiliation of this department was moved to the faculty of Sciences in Misurata where 3 divisions were opened: Economy_ Accountancy_ Administration.

Our Dean

It`s been a long time ever since I have held the post of the dean of the faculty of Economics. Not only does this job gives the blessing of having the trust and confidence of the society, but also being the dean of a faculty in a university_ obviously the faculty of Economics in my case_ is considered a remarkable drive and motivation for hard, tireless work and making exceptional efforts for the good of the faculty. Thankfully, we believe we`ve achieved that and still working tirelessly to maintain the progress and development of our faculty.
At the end of 2016, along with my colleagues of the teaching staff and employees, we followed the lead of the people who came before us (the former employees who were assigned to our current jobs) whom we were pleased to work with and build on what they achieved. Since change is a basic characteristic of life, it is incumbent upon us to keep pace with that change and so we did.
Change, one day, had an important impact, resulting in every one _ of the teaching staff and employees_ being charged with their deserved scientific and administrative positions in the faculty in accordance with their qualifications and capacities. Consequently, the positive impact of change was being felt as the quality and efficiency of the work was notably increased, with the assistance and support of the Administration of the University through which people who seek for positive change in the faculty were strongly encouraged and motivated to do the best they can for the good of the faculty. The faculty has tirelessly sought to achieve its goals for which it was founded day after day. Goals of educational and scientific research were established in order to contribute to serving the community as an educational institution within a modern vision adopted by the faculty. At the organizational level, adoption of mechanization and automation as the working mechanism at the faculty has been gradually activated along with the broad meaning and consequences of electronic management, including connection between its departmental and work units, archiving, electronic formatting and storage, outside communication and last but not least analysis of quantitative data and information.
Additionally, the faculty has given greater prospects and deeper insights to scientific research through the resumption of its developed programs for postgraduate studies.
We cannot fail here to refer to the fact that the faculty has completed the requirements of institutional accreditation and it is about to get it aiming at getting the degree of overall quality in accordance with set standards. Hopefully, what is coming is even better and we look forward to have a bright future for our faculty.
Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Alsheikh
Dean of the faculty


To be a distinguishable academic community, and an influencer both locally and regionally using educational and research programs in economic and political sciences according to quality standards in order to contribute to sustainable development and meet the hopes and aspirations of the community.


The faculty offers educational programs that include: education, scientific research, and advisory services in the fields of economic and political sciences, in an academic environment that has distinctive human resources and administrative systems according to quality standards. The faculty pays great attention to utilizing modern technical methods along with establishing an effective partnership with the local community to gain a competitive advantage over its outcomes.


The faculty seeks to achieve the following goals:
1. Distinctiveness in Education through achieving the local and international quality standards.
2. Enhancing scientific output and innovation through establishing and improving graduate study programs, as well as sharing scientific research and academic output within the global academic community through publication in scholarly journals that have been ranked among the top scientific journals worldwide.
3. Empower human resources through the establishment of a supportive enabling work environment that provides incentives and motivation according to quality standards.
4. Building competitiveness for students, through enhancing the prospects of knowledge and skills in conformity with the labour market.
5. Contributing to sustained development of the community, through establishing a community partnership, as well as organizing conferences, symposiums, and workshops.

Admission Rules

Requirements of registration:
1. Original graduation certificate.
2. (8) Portrait.
3. Birth certificate from (the Civil Registry).
4. Residence Certificate from (the Civil Registry).
5. Father`s birth certificate from (the Civil Registry).
6. A certified copy of the Libyan National ID Number from (the Civil Registry).
7. A photocopy of identity card or passport.
8. Suspension (hanging) Folder.
Note: students are also required to fill an application form for admission to the faculty, and an undertaking form at the faculty registrar`s office.

Scientific Departments

Scientific Departments:
1. Department of Economy.
2. Department of Business Management.
3. Department of Accountancy.
4. Department of Banking and Finance.
5. Department of Political Sciences.
6. Department of Public Administration.
7. Department of International Trade.
8. Department of Marketing.

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